10 Best Link Shorteners That Aren’t the Google URL Shortener

The Google URL shortener was shut down back in spring 2019, but on the bright side, there are dozens of alternative options out there.

On the downside… there are dozens of alternative options out there. How do you know which to choose?

Our advice: look for shortener services that allow you to customize your link, or that have built-in analytics. A URL shortening site that’s been around a while might also be more reliable and reputable, likely to avoid service closure or disruption.

URL shortener #1: o8.ee

Owly is integrated right into the Hootsuite platform, and is included with every plan type (including the free version).

The benefits here are that you can see your shortlink metrics right alongside your other social analytics, so you can view the performance of your brand holistically.

URL shortener #2: T.co

Twitter features a built-in free URL shortener that automatically reduces any long URL down to 23 characters, leaving you plenty of room to express yourself.

Any link you share—even an already shortened one!—will be transformed into a t.co URL so that Twitter can record metrics, and sift out any spammy or dangerous sites.

URL shortener #3: Bitly

There’s a ton of data to chew on if you use Bitly. Here, you can see each link’s performance with metrics like demographic data, referral sources, and click-throughs via the robust Bitly dashboard.

A free account offers analytics and customization for one individual, but Basic and Enterprise subscriptions are available too, which offer branded links, QR codes, richer data and multiple users.

URL shortener #4: Tiny URL

The site itself isn’t going to win any design awards, but who cares? It does everything you need: create a tiny new URL. Customization is possible without logging in, making it an efficient option when you’re in a rush to share the latest episode of your MasterChef Junior podcast.

One cool feature here: you can add TinyURL to your browser toolbar, so you can create shortlinks for whatever site you’re currently on.

URL shortener #5: Rebrandly

With Rebrandly, you can create a branded shortlink of your own with a custom domain—even with a free account.

SujindersCookiePalace.com might be a great main URL to have, but when it comes to share on social, that character count adds up. A short, branded URL just for link sharing, like su.jinders, still gets your business name in there, without taking up precious space.

Plus, Rebrandly features both tracking, optimization, and scaling tools in their variety of packages (paid options starting from $29 monthly).

URL shortener #6: Hyperlink

Get real-time notifications when links are clicked with the help of Hyperlink, or change the settings to hourly, daily, or weekly summaries.

Hyperlink also provides per-click details: find out the device, location, and referral info for every visitor, and a live tracking dashboard.

The app (for iOS and Android) is a nice complement to the Chrome extension, for those who need to share links on the go. (You’re busy! We get it!)

Custom domains are available with paid plans, which start at $39 per month.

URL shortener #7: Tiny.CC

Shorten, track, and manage your URLs quickly with Tiny.CC’s simple interface.

Custom URL slugs are available, and if you register an account, you can track the stats for the shortlink.

URL shortener #8: Bit.Do

Bit.Do is another simple and sweet option that has all you need: the ability to customize, traffic stats, and even an automatic QR code generator.

Short branded domains are available here too, but the pricing is a bit more than the others on this list at $85 a month, so you might be better off choosing another service if branded shortened URLs are the way you want to go.

URL shortener #9: ClickMeter

ClickMeter’s nice visual dashboard makes it handy to get the most from your links.

At a glance, you can monitor broken links and latency, find the visitors yielding the best conversion rates, track views and clicks, and more.

With packages starting from $29 a month, it’s a favorite of agencies and publishers for its robust offerings—and handy link shortening functionality, of course.

URL shortener #10: Shorte.ST

Data is valuable for your insights, right? Well, third-party companies are often interested in that information, too, which is why a cottage industry has popped up of businesses that actually pay you to shorten your links with them.

Shorte.ST is one of the higher paying URL shorteners of the many on the web, with payout rates varying depending on your audience’s geography. (For example, Shorte.ST pays $14.04 CPM for U.S. traffic.)

In addition to cold hard cash, Shorte.ST offers a dashboard of thorough stats for review.

Published on: 6/2/21, 2:53 PM